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Plan ViewGigLoo Hire – About Us and the history of the products it rents.

GigLoo Hire came from the manufacturer of shower and toilet trailers, GigLoo. GigLoo products launched back in 2013. GigLoo entered the market with a toilet rental solution made from a product never seen before. Historically PolyBilt which is a specialist copolymer was for the fifteen years previously used to make fire engine bodies. The product was looked at back in 2012 when John Dennis Coachbuilders were trying to find a way to expand. They looked at many items including home delivery vans and vehicle recovery vehicles. The high point of Polybilt is that it is waterproof, impervious to most chemicals and when introduced to high heat, will only change shape and not catch fire like wood.

The other great thing about PolyBilt is that it is strong. You can hit it with a sledgehammer, and unlike metal, it will not dent. Unlike wood or GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or to use one of its other names ‘fibreglass’ PolyBilt will not split or splinter.

With a great way, PolyBilt lends it way to water, going down the line of toilets and showers was chosen and this is how GigLoo was born.

The first product built was a twelve bay toilet trailer, after further engineering the first two fourteen-bay toilet trailers produced. Following on from this some three plus one luxury event toilet trailers rolled off production. Once this had happened, the requests for products grew, it was all about us. Four-bay shower trailers and four-bay shower pods followed quickly after.

The products get regular updates, and since each launch into the UK market, they all look similar but are never quite the same. The latest models are quite amazing, and as GigLoo Hire only keep the most recent models, we guarantee toilet hire will never be the same again.

The shower market being quite new has been all about which company came to market with the best product for the job. Fortunately with PolyBilt to work with GigLoo have won the race hands down. There are other timber built showers out there. We at GigLoo do not feel that making a waterproof box out of wood was ever going to be a good idea.

With the best and newest products available in the UK rental market GigLoo Hire was started to meet the need of the public, event planners and festivals alike.

With the fastest growing fleet of trailers and pods available GigLoo Hire will always be able to help with toilet hire and shower hire.

Within the last year, we have added FivePeaks portable toilets to our fleet. We looked at all the available portable toilet manufacturers on the market and decided that we needed a robust and dependable supplier, for this we went with FivePeaks.

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