Areas We Service


GigLoo Hire is proud to offer its comprehensive range of portable toilet and shower facilities to individual customers within the areas we cover. We also work for charities, small groups and corporate clients throughout the South East. The standard operating areas we service are East Sussex and West Sussex,

We have thousands of happy customers throughout the United Kingdom. With the extra effort, we go to at GigLoo Hire to ensure your event will be a day to remember for all the right reasons.

Our Services

It is important to us that we give you a level of service you would not expect for toilet hire in a field. It’s why we are happy to provide more than just a simple service. Here at GigLoo Hire, we have many different facilities available. With our experience, we always get just the right product for your event.

Extra features we can organise for you include power and water on demand when there are no services to plug into and guarantee a top quality seat without a view.

But if you have a lovely large flat drive we are also happy to fit you in, as simple installations are sometimes what it is all about.


We can bring our facilities to virtually any venue within the UK. If you’re planning a birthday bash in Brighton. An elegant corporate event in Colchester. Or a festival in Fletching. GigLoo Hire will be happy to provide everything you need to take the stress out of event planning. Let us look after your needs in private and public venues.


We have provided our toilets for a whole host of events throughout the South East, and our showers can be found at a majority of sites.

Areas We Service and Where we have been

The Seafront lawns at Brighton & Hove have been a regular site for our 14 bay toilet trailers. It is amusing to see how many people are crammed into them when the weather turns bad.

We had a history of working at Crawley Town Football Club where we had put in toilets when the number of fans at games was maxing out.

Just outside of  Tunbridge Wells you will find the excellent Hadlow Agricultural College. GigLoo Hire has worked alongside Southern Events who provide marquees here throughout the year for various events. We are always there to back them up.

We have many customers in the areas we service throughout the South East. All of whom have appreciated the extra effort we go to at GigLoo Hire to ensure you have a special, memorable event. Happiness is not guaranteed but is always our minimum aim.

To us, it is important that we give you service above and beyond the level you expect from all the rest, and that is why we always do our best to get what you want where you want and how you want it.

Big Day or Weekend of Play

Events such as weddings are an everyday occurrence to what we do, whereas there are extra special days such as Royal Visits and alike where you need to understand how the protocol works, but don’t worry; we can deal with all that.

Are you planning a big day? Chosen to hire from separate suppliers? You must be looking for a way to get the best deals. Let us know who else you are working with, and we will make sure that we work together, so we don’t get under each other’s feet.

We have provided Shower Hire and Toilet Hire for a whole host of events throughout the South East, and our equipment is suitable for the majority of venues. We have many private and public places where we can provide services, and this, combined with our national sites, makes us a fantastic choice of event providers in the South East. Areas We Service may not be listed here, so call us to find out if we can help.

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