GigLoo Hire launch new website

by Stuart

As with all things, change is going to happen. And it just has at GigLoo Hire with the launch of a new website. The site is cleaner and quicker that the site it replaced and will make it easier for customers to find more details they need about the products they want to hire.

As the weeks pass the pages will be updated to include a full listing for each of the products we rent. Along with the descriptions, you will find user guides and cheat sheets, these sheets will tell you everything from set up to fault finding. All the sheets will be easy to read and come with detailed images to help you along. Most of the time a problem is caused by something simple. Make sure you check the basics before calling an engineer.

If there is something you would like to see on the site, let us know. Visit our contact page and fill in your details. It is a simple as that.